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Open-hearted opinion :: Its not Max's Coin. Its YOUR coin. If you believed in it since day one, own it, spread it, promote it, defend it, love it. Its up to developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption of Maxcoin will happen or not.

Dear friends and foes of Maxcoin
I write from the heart and wishing to express a very honest opinion. In no form I wish to insult anyone or to undermine the losses you may (or may not) have experienced in this first month of existence of Maxcoin.
I’m not connected to the developers, Max or Stacy whatsoever. I follow the program for many years now, and just like many of you, I imagined that the beginning of this coin was going to be very different in terms of where the price and hashrate are today. Just like many of you, my numbers now are in deep red, because of inexperience, enthusiasm and blind faith, I dropped half my bitcoins on the project. I learned a tough and big lesson, however, my sense of appreciation for Keister, Herbert and the developers of Maxcoin remain intact.
I come to reddit to remind you that there were programmers from Bristol Uni and two people that are fighting everyday for the rise of bitcoin and for a new & better status quo that decided to do a NON PRE-MINED alt-coin with very modern and interesting specs. That apart from this, they tried very hard to make the fairest launch possible and to promote it with their own means and channels.
Yes the launch was rough, yes there was such a hype that we knocked down one of the biggest BTC sites in town. YES, us amateurs were pushed to learn LOADS on that weekend about computers, terminal, ports and .conf files whilst watching with frustration how other pro-miners were getting hundreds of coin in the first hours. However, on the long run, isn't all of this something to be thankful for?? I mean, firstly you learnt something about computers and economics, secondly, you obtained a new form of value that was not there before and thirdly, some guys placed energies, efforts, love, dedication and brains to make a state of the art proposal and you were benefited from it also (either monetarily or intellectually).
YES, the developers and the Keiser’s may have profited from this launch, but who told you that they shouldn't?? After all, it isn’t the code you wrote, your 100.000 twitter followers that heard about it, your PR work that placed the coin in many exchanges or your TV program that spoke about it. The sleepless nights happened in another bedroom, the promotion and emailing happened in another laptop.
You are the only responsible for the creation of your own wealth, and just because the first month of the coin has been very difficult in terms of the price, mining conversion to BTC & hashrate distribution, this doesn't mean that we should not be grateful and supportive to the work these people have done.
This project will not go anywhere if the people that believed in it since day one don't stick around and protect it. This project will not succeed if you sit from your couch and scream “Fuck You Max” whilst contradicting the reasons that made you come here in the first place: To place a bet in a new de-centralized technology that permits the certification of ownership and transfer of a value on/to any corner of the world in less than 45 seconds.
This is a message of encouragement, a message of spiritual and technological support. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM THE BITCHIN’. Its not Max's Coin, Its YOUR coin. It will not work without you. It will have no value if you don't support it and cherish it. Bitcoin’s price was not 1000 USD in the first month and the reason why It grew to todays relevance is because the believers believed and they were more than the haters that were going to hate.
If you didn't cared about it and just came to Maxcoin for a quick buck, fair enough, I don't speak against your desires to trade and/or make business. But if you believed since day one: Own it, spread it, promote it, give it to friends, re-tweet it, defend it, understand it, love it.
The Keiser report started way before the genesis block of Bitcoin was mined, and I don’t know if you experienced the same, but it opened my eyes to the source of the cancer of today's problems. It also opened my eyes to crypto and to the mechanism that can challenge everything I learnt about wealth creation, capitalism, current stairs of affairs and economics. Thats the spirit of this coin: the desire to efficiently revolt against a corrupt status quo embodied in a name that happens to be the most mainstream face on the field of financial insurrection.
Just because you didn't became rich in one month doesn't gives you reasons to criticise and destroy the work that these people have done in the past. Lets not forget the lesson number one of Bitcoin :: Its up to the developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption will happen or not.
TL;DR -- True that launch was not perfect. True that expectations were different than today's situation. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM THE BITCHIN’. Its not Max's Coin, Its YOUR coin. Creators may have profited from it, but who told you that they shouldn't? it's not the code you wrote, or your 100.000 twitter followers, or your TV show that pushed it. Programmers, Bristol Uni, Keiser & Co did LOADS of work for this to happen. Keiser report have opened so many eyes, enough for us to be grateful and supportive. If you believed in the coin since day one: Own it, spread it, promote it, give it to friends, defend it, understand it love it. Its up to the developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption will happen or not.
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